Project Raptor

Project Raptor is a personal project of a mechanical dinosaur costume I build from sketch to finish. The main materials are pvc pipes for the structure and foam plates for the visual aspect. The part time project took about a year to finish, with a few extra months for some added foam, a speaker and the making of the video(s).

“What do you do in your free time?”

“Errr… build a giant dinosaur in the living room ofc!”

Basically, I got the idea in my head and thought it would be cool to make. So I just started thinking sketching and building.

Project posts

  • Project Raptor: In Depth
    This article will provide a brief look into my mechanical dinosaur project. It’s meant for those of you interested in building similar projects, or if you simply want to know how it functions. I can’t cover all design choices, so this is not a step by step tutorial. But if you have any specific questions feel free to contact me. Most of this information is also covered in my in depth video on my project page. Body Okay, so let’s start with the body frame. After choosing PVC as my main material (as explained in the ‘getting started’ article) I… Read more: Project Raptor: In Depth
  • Project Raptor: Getting Started
    Why did I decide to build a giant dinosaur costume? Well long story short, I got the idea in my head and thought it would be really cool to make. I once made a costume with foldable wings for a fantasy event, and I really loved the combination of brainstorming and imagination to create something that combines art with technique. So, I wanted to challenge myself, take this one step further. This led to the idea of creating a mechanical dinosaur, and once that idea was planted in my head, I became determined to turn it into a reality. Due… Read more: Project Raptor: Getting Started


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