Some use of work information:

You are free to use my art for a tattoo. Although I’d love it if you send me a picture of the result!
If you have any other questions regarding the use of my work, send me a message.

Here I’d like to show off some dinosaur builds of awesome people I proudly inspired (: Be sure to check out their projects!

If you’d like to be recruited into the dinosaur army, show me your dinosaur build!

Italian Raptor

Residence: Italy
Danger scale: |||||
Scary claws and threatening teeth, mildly aggressive, victim count unknown.
Owner: Hermes
Credits: Youtube @raptoranimazione

  • After seeing Esmee's dinosaur and being enchanted by it, I decided to make a Dinosaur like hers thanks also to her generous indications... As a good Italian I added a bit of style in the aestheticform.... All my admiration and gratitude to Esmee!!
  • Doloresaurus

    Residence: USA, California
    Danger scale: |
    Spends his days spreading joy, dancing to disco and house music, and running from children.
    Owner: Trevor Mead

  • Coming soon...
  • Fortosauri

    Residence: Australia
    Danger scale: ||||||
    Soft bite, not very sneaky, but highly effective tail slaps. Hunts as duo.
    Owners: Dylan Garner, Roy Oldham & Robert Jeffery
    Credits: Facebook Fortswan
    Youtube @dylangarner1495

  • Coming soon...
  • Risen Fossils of Project Paleontology

    Residence: Italy
    Danger scale: |||||||
    Sturdy headbutts and teeth, approach at your own risk.
    Owners: Luca & the crew

  • Dino in progress

    Residence: Russia
    Danger scale: To be determined
    Impending threat
    Owners: Gamzat and Rail
    Credits: Instagram @pantheraman
    Instagram @_rail_89

  • Hello everyone My name is Gamzat, my friend’s name is Rail, we are simple guys from the city of Kazan, and we want to implement the most interesting and creative project with dinosaurs! We have been going towards our goal for 2 years now, I hope our creativity will inspire other people) the main thing is not to give up and go crazy!
  • Check out these cool tattoos and other crafts!

    Tattoo Artist: Rodrigo Zimmermann

    This is a very special tattoo for me, as it symbolizes the game that has brought me lifelong friendships.
    Tattoo Artist: Tex Tattoo
    Brian C
    Tattoo Studio: Sunnysidetattoo

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted a tribal Charizard tattoo. Esmee’s work perfectly encapsulated what I’ve been looking for. I couldn’t be happier with her design!
    Tattoo Studio:
    Tattoo Artist: Eric Robinson

    Groudon has been my favorite Pokemon since I was a child and having it permanently on my arm means the world to me. The personification of land itself, reminds me to stay grounded in the face of adversity.
    Tattoo Artist: Pippa
    Tattoo Artist: Daniel Rotundo

    My tattoo represents growth and changed. Remembering the past and its innocence, but also embracing change and maturity.
    Tattoo Studio:

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