Commission information

Some basics:

  • The price generally varies between 20 to 100 euros, depending on size and the amount of sketches.
  • Commissions usually take me between 15-40 days, varying per size and the amount of sketches up front. However, dependent on how much time I have I may or may not take multiple commissions at the same time, in this case you could be put on a waiting list and I will contact you again once a space opens for your commission.
  • I use paypal, and will send you an invoice (payment request) through the given email before I start drawing.
  • The design and sketches will be digitally emailed. For a full commission you can request small changes in the sketches for free, and pick which of the sketches you’d like for me to finish. With a quick commission I will only send a final design.
  • Please note, I keep the rights to my designs and the final design will be posted on my website and/or social media. These commissions are for tattoos or personal use, not for commercial purposes. In case of commercial intentions, please contact me through my contact form to determine the options.

After filling in the commission form I will contact you to confirm your commission, and whether I can immediately start with it, need additional information or whether I’ll put you on a waiting list. You will receive a copy of your submission in your email as well.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me through my website or other social media!