About me

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Esmée Kramer, I’m from the Netherlands and I love to create. I view ‘creating’ as a broad concept with infinite tools and directions. For example, use a pencil and paper and you get a drawing, use a language and you get poetry, use an instrument and you get music. Two of my main directions of creating are drawing and photography, but I’ve also got a passion for technology. I view programming and mechanical engineering as tools to bring my imagination into something that doesn’t just look cool, but actually works. My projects are intellectual puzzles for me, personal challenges to learn and inspire. It gives me the opportunity to entertain my curiosity, and combine different areas of interest all within the concept of creating.

I’ve got a bachelor in computer engineering and have some experience with a multitude of languages, like C, C++, Python, Javascript and so on. My study focused on the ‘Internet of Things’, in other words programming microcontrollers and communication protocols. It may not be a study people will inherently think of in terms of creativity, but I love the puzzle it provides in terms of realizing working concepts using multiple sensors and actuators.

Photography is something I started with when I was quite young. It’s always been more of a side hobby, I don’t view myself as a professional, but I love to go out every once in a while to take pictures. I have a passion for thunderstorms, we don’t get them very consistently in the Netherlands but every once in a while I get lucky enough to capture some. I currently have a Sony Alpha SLT-A77V.

As you can see in my galleries, I have a lot of tribal art as well. It started with some pen scribbles in my agenda, and developed into some tribal fantasy creatures and fanart, both for hobby and (tattoo) commissions. But I also like to simply sketch fantasy creatures and project ideas, both traditionally and digitally. I recently bought a 3D-printer, the Ender 3 S1, so I’m also teaching myself the concepts of 3D-modelling and printing using Blender and Ultimaker Cura.

Apart from those hobbies I also play the piano, it helps me to relax and be in my own world for a little while. But that’s it for now. Feel free to look around or send me a message if you have any questions. Have a nice day!